Welcome to Nicole Adamonis' Dynamic Creative.
Whether it is on a canvas, a face, a film set, or the table in her healing space, Nicole creates her magic with a dynamic approach by incorporating all the tools she gathers on her journey as an artist. 

Based in the fashion capital of the world, New York, Nicole is highly respected in the industry with an outstanding and proven reputation. Nicole is the epicentre of experience, knowledge and passion of a dynamic talent operating her business in fine arts, hair and makeup, Reiki and  Skin Care. 

Under the motto "Create your destiny. What are you doing right NOW?" Nicole proposes to you a revival of craftsmanship, authenticity and welcomes every opportunity to get creative. 

Film and Television

Nicole stays in loop and has her eyes dotted around the globe to give her the scoop on up-to-the-minute trends for film and television from classic elegance to horror and gore, to glamorous and mature aged. Nicole loves a challenge and is willing to create any character or feeling through her work.

Film and television work includes “The Duplicate” starring Frank Stallone and “Legally Blonde” promo for MTV.

A love affair with Art...

Since her childhood, Nicole has dreamed of creating art and meeting inspiring people. Through hard work and an unstoppable attitude, she's made that dream a reality. 

Nicole’s great Uncle was a cartoonist and encouraged her by sitting for hours drawing pictures together at family holidays. Her parents supported her interest with private lessons giving her the foundation she needed to attend to the High School of Art and Design where she majored in Advertising. Nicole then worked as an intern at Graphic Design studios and Art galleries in NYC. After graduating from SUNY Purchase, she worked in customer service management all the while dreaming of using her creative talents to make a living. Nicole always loved makeup-spending hours on Halloween creating great costumes for herself, friends and family. She decided to take it to the next level by getting a job at Bloomingdales at the Prescriptives counter. She gained basic skills in applying beauty makeup and continued to take classes in bridal and photography.

After being approached by a friend who wanted to start a business, Nicole decided to get a license in Esthetics. She fell in love with the skin care industry being able to work with individuals helping them to correct skin issues by educating them on proper skin care and lifestyle choices. Nicole worked for 8 years as a makeup artist and Esthetician at a spa in Westchester NY. 


While working in the spa industry, Nicole was exposed to many alternative healing modalities. As a result, she became aware of her own spirituality and expanded her natural interest in helping others to heal themselves and is now a Level II Reiki practitioner. 

Dynamic Skin Care – High quality service and products

Nicole always seeks the highest quality and the best value for her clientele.  She uses Dermalogica Skincare products because she believes in the integrity. Dermalogica offers high quality ingredients and cutting edge technology for real results. Dermalogica is commited to using potent and targeted ingredients. Dermalogica never uses artificial colors, fragrances or fillers.

She also uses Ilike Organic skincare for those seeking an exclusive organic experience. Ilike skincare is handcrafted in small batches from Hungary. The fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are cold pressed so you get the direct benefit of live enzymes which stimulates the cells of the skin in a very different way than traditional skincare. The enzymatic action “wakes up” the skin and increased circulation to receive the yummy delicious nutrients and antioxidants. Its so pure- you can eat it!

Nicole continues her post graduate education in Skincare at the International Dermal Institute in NYC.

Prestigious and exclusive brands... Genuine beauty expertise

Nicole is obsessed with the most innovative makeup brands and finds the latest, most fabulous find or must-have classic. She aims to please the most discerning beauty, art and film connoisseur and uses only professional grade makeup in her kit to provide you with long lasting beautiful results. 
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Nicole Adamonis is a New York State licensed esthetician and a member of and insured by the International Esthetics Association.